I actually did it…

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Hello, welcome and firstly, thank you for reading my first post.

This post has been put off and shunned by me and it didn’t deserve that. However the first post is a lot less scary to write when I’ve already written the next one because of my seemingly excellent ways in which I’ve persistently distracted myself from completing a version of this one that I was even remotely happy with. (I am the laziest perfectionist you will ever come across.)

Better late then never, as they say, now that there is nothing holding me back and all I wish to do is write all the other posts I have in mind and get this bad boy online.

My name is Skye Morgan, I’m a South African currently living in a small town near Birmingham in the UK. I am a Creative Collaborator. I dabble in illustration, I adore analogue photography and my therapist is a pen and paper. My cats are my children and my career is my baby. Coffee is my blood type. I live for festivals, art, music and film. I’m addicted to clothes, shoes and hats and I have a growing collection of pot plants and film cameras that are my pride and joy. This blog is a place for me to write and review my thoughts, current projects, past projects and future projects; a digital sketchbook and journal collection of my personal experiences ranging from emigration to retail management and anything else I might find inspiring or of particular interest.

I’ve been preoccupied with other areas of my life needing urgent attention to which I put my blogging and entire creative side of me on the back burner for far too long. I’m the type of person who needs to lock myself away from the world for a little while in order to create anything and recharge. It’s like I become a different person, when finally pushed and feeling motivated, I can manage to push myself further than I expected in the first place which in turn, makes me happy and more likely to continue. But I was thrown into a few things that took the urge to continue with my previous blog away for years followed by procrastination and excuses on my part (more on these interruptions later) up until a few months ago when when I was made redundant and something in me fired up. And has since been growing stronger and acting as the driving force behind two filled to the brim sketchbooks and an abundance of researching and planning has finally lead to a starting point I am happy with. I don’t particularly strive to achieve an end goal but to rather focus on the development and progress along the way. To keep planning and doing, with no end in sight. A completely different approach in comparison to the rest of my life.

I’ve started this blog in order to mainly better myself through my subjectivities and passions and give myself an added reason to start and finish projects and upload for feedback. It is also a showcase of my creative processes and my attempts to understanding them and myself. I’ve lived more lives in the past 24, nearly 25 years than I ever thought I would and there are things that need to be said, subjects that should be addressed and experiences that will be documented. And my hope is that my blog becomes the light out of my darkest hours. And I have a few ideas that have been with me for what feels like forever and I can’t wait to finish what I started.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet for now so I can get to writing the good stuff!


If you’re interested in collaborating  email me at: skyedraws@icloud.com and feel free to ask me anything in the comments below!


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