Sneakerclub Clothing UK and lil ol’ me


I am wearing the Sneakerclub Clothing Bespoke Handmade Noir Black Cotton Bomber.

Earlier on in the year, I hopped on the train to Birmingham to have a meeting with a couple of the founders of the Birmingham Film Festival to discuss, you guessed it, the Birmingham Film Festival. (I will be posting about BFF soon so subscribe to be updated.) It was a wonderfully crisp and sunny spring day in the city. Upon my arrival my first goal as per, was getting a coffee from my New Street Station usual stop, Joe’s Coffee. I then ventured down into the Creative Quarter that is the wonderfully colourful and inspiring heart of the city, Digbeth.

I happily sipped and merrily strolled down Digbeth High Street, having a quick yearning stare into COW Vintage, but continued on due to forced restraint by empty purse. As I was taking snapchats of the sights and blissfully sipping my coffee, unaware that this snapchat would result in recording a video of myself dropping my coffee on my phone, temporarily making it unusable, to my dismay not being able to save what could of been comedy gold of my reaction. Utter devastation.

But shortly after that I was distracted by my arrival at my destination, the beautifully historic and characterful Custard Factory. Home to a plethora of new start-ups and independents and a few bigger names such as ASOS. It boasts a fantastic creative and working atmosphere. From artists and screen printers to bespoke handmade clothing and graphic design houses. It’s one of the most friendly and creative places you will ever go and you’re bound to find something (or more realistically, too many things) that will make you stop with delight and admiration.

As I wondered and darted round the courtyard looking my usual weird self, photographing the venue and taking notes for the festival, I got talking to a couple of guys (and mostly a Great Dane/small horse. I was in my element.) who work in the Barbers opposite the reception. Whilst talking about the festival and being asked what I’m doing which tends to happen a lot, a suave and genuinely polite guy approached me. He introduced himself as Ant and explained that he has designed a range of genderless clothing and he noticed me from a distance and couldn’t help but approach me and ask me a couple of questions.

I was intrigued and reasonably taken aback by his cool, not creepy compliments on my personal style and his appreciation of me wearing no make up. (The make up thing was eye opening, because I always judge myself on the fact that my skin is horrid when I don’t wear make up blah blah, but it isn’t at all and I need to have more confidence in myself, we all do, because sometimes the things we are most vulnerable about, can be our strong point and it just takes others, even complete strangers to make us realise it!) We continued chatting about a few of his ideas and Ant briefly explained what the whole company is about he asked me if I would be interested in discussing modelling and perhaps being the face of the brand. I, of course said yes as this to me is an opportunity I’ve always wanted and I could not pass it up. I needed to continue on with my meeting, so we said our goodbyes and I (on the inside was having a tiny squeal of disbelief mixed with excitement but trying to act cool) casually walked back to the café to carry on with festival planning. Then later that day I added Ant on Instagram and arranged a coffee to discuss the opportunity further.

A few days later I was back on the train to Birmingham and again whilst making snapchats of my walk down with my coffee I had a tiny breakdown due to jealousy of a crowd of well dressed people flocking in my direction each holding purple vintage kilo sale bags filled with what I assumed to be more clothing delights. I walked through holding my head and coffee cup high, whilst continuing down my usual route to the Custard Factory making snapchats of my emotions brought on by the purple bags. I made my way to reception and asked for Ant. I was taken round to the greatly decorated seating area to where Ant and I greeted each other and promptly got to discussing my role within the brand, to the preferred styling and everything in between.

We went through the samples of what I would be wearing and I was so impressed. Every piece was thoughtfully and carefully constructed. With no ties to any gender these pieces are perfect staple garments that can be worked into your own personal style and will compliment anybodies wardrobe. The concept and clothes were sold to me in a heart beat. Halfway through the meeting another cool cat strolled on into the room. A gent by the name Of Kacey Jones, the man behind Dark Traits, a brand with a fantastic array of beautifully finished hand made hats, check it out here. We were generally chatting and realised that I knew the face of his company, he was a regular customer from when I was working on a cool little Piaggio Coffee Cart in Rugby. Matt Robinson is the owner of the ever so popular Mr Robinsons Barber Shop in the small town of Rugby where I am currently living. A small world getting even smaller with coincidence. So after a great afternoon of discussions and chatting, I left Ant to the planning of the shoot and I went home excited to await further instructions and dates and times of the shoot. Shortly after that I was hopping on the train again for the shoot…
For a sneak peak here of what happened behind the scenes video of the shoot for my collaboration with Sneakerclub Clothing UK click here. And I will be posting a more in depth post on the company, the amazing clothes and of course, the man behind the collection. I’ll be posting on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (iamwwolvess) more often so follow me on there for more updates!

I am still slightly in a happy/shocked state, I was clearly in the right place at the right time for this one. And I can’t explain my gratitude towards Ant for being such a great guy to work with. And I can’t wait to see and help the brand grow.
Let me know what your thoughts are towards the concept of genderless clothing and what you think of the clothes in the comments below.



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