CALLING ALL CREATIVES! Birmingham Film Festival

I originally wrote this post a few days ago, but I found out that I got a job at Lush in Coventry as a Supervisor, which is something im also stupidly excited about so I will be writing a post about that! Plus I was super busy sorting bits out that I forgot to actually post this! 


The Birmingham Film Festival is one of my favourite current and ongoing projects. And if you haven’t heard about it yet, read on! I am super excited to be the Lead Creative, Event Co-ordinator and Blog Editor (which will be launching incredibly soon, so keep checking my Twitter and the Festivals for updates!). On how I managed to find myself in this position, I will write a separate post in the near future and I will also include a little more about my involvement and goals within the film industry. But back to the festival! 

This will be its first year and we are looking to make it fantastic. With submissions from all over the globe, now having received entries from over half of the countries in the world, it’s Birmingham’s only International Film Festival. And the best bit is that an incredibly diverse array of creatives will be running the scene. Each day will be different from before and boast a vibrant buzz in the creative heart of the city. 

There will be 3 days of features, shorts and documentaries showing in the main theatre which will be the beautiful, Mockingbird Theatre that is situated within one of my favourite places in the world, the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Seminars, conventions and Q&As with special guests. Distributors, producers and press from all over the world will be on hand to see the films screened and be available for the guests to network with. All films, all genres and all people are welcome.   


As well as all of the above, there will be a hearty line-up and continuous stream of live entertainment that will continue throughout the weekend. And selection of amazing artists will be creating Limited Edition t-shirts that will be released and sold running up to and during the festival. To which the sale of each one sold will be split between the artist, their chosen charity and the festival (in order to cover costs and sales tax). The original pieces will be exhibited throughout the festival and then later will be available to buy at a charity auction, where the proceeds of the pieces will be split between the artist and a charity of their choice. Live art installations, drink and draw evening, film related pub quiz, a Coffee Stall Pop Up, boutique stores and an array of great and wonderful food vendors to satisfy the hangries and the foodies.

Other events and networking opportunities will be announced closer to the date. Including seminars, Q&As, conventions and expos. These will be free to enter. There will also be a large selection of the industry’s top companies and film schools will be in attendance for advice and careers opportunities. There will be special guest judges from many different areas of the industry who will be reviewing all the nominees and selecting the winners. Awards will be handed out at a Gala Awards Ceremony at the end of the festival, to which everyone is welcome to attend.

Birmingham Film Festival is a collaboration. And every artist, creative and film maker involved will be working towards creating a common goal of promoting the arts and their own skills in a positive and creative atmosphere. It will be different every single day and we will be creating the atmosphere with your help. It’s a Film Festival, we gotta create the scene! 

We are still looking for more film makers, bloggers, musicians, artists, comedians, poets and anyone else who would like to discuss any other exciting bits we’ve got going on. So email me at or comment below, tweet me, send parchment via carrier pigeon. And if you are looking to submit your own film or documentary, information on submitting and to submit go here. Which ever way you choose, just make sure you do it. There will be something for everyone so keep the dates in your calendars which are the 25th, 26th, 27th of November. Running up to the festival I would like to create a blog dedicated to the artists, musicians, film makers and all others involved. There will be anything and everything regarding the festival and we will be running prize draws and such for readers, including tickets, original art works, prints, merchandise and more! 

So as you can probably tell, there is a large to do list, but the pros of checking off a section on my list, will (pretty much with all the will power I possess), turn into a blog post. I have so much planned for the blog and the festival it’s unreal. But I am driven by the excitement of having this down right cool and amazing (yet equally terrifying) opportunity. And I am motivated to the point of working at strange times and having problems with falling asleep because I’m thinking of so many different tasks and ideas. One thing is for sure though, I can’t say I have nothing to do or that I’m bored. I have to say this again, I am so grateful for this. It’s my biggest challenge yet and I am ready for this jelly, B. 





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