Yoga Day 2

Hello all and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

My day didn’t start as well as I had hoped. Instead of sticking to my new routine that I had promised, I had a few issues that I thought were more important to sort out at 7.30 rather than my brand new morning ritual. Oh how I was wrong. If you’d like to know a bit more about what happened have a look at my Instagram post here

But below is a photo of the aftermath and reasonably self explanatory. 

So afte the above, I calmly collected my thoughts and stepped back on my mat. I instantly felt better. I had a purpose and I continued to challenge myself. The positions and movements felt slightly easier today. I also did my extra five minutes too.  

My breathing and back bends are still difficult to keep consistent. I sometimes forget to breathe when focussing on balancing I realise, which ironically I find make me lose balance. Haha. Focus points eh and self realisations. That’s hilarious to me because it’s literally my life. I forget to breathe in life and panic because of it. Just another friendly reminder to breathe and remember that that simple action can be a simple fix to a lot of “problems”. 

After I had finished, I was calm and relaxed. I knew what I wanted to achieve for the rest of the day and I knew what to do. I know that yoga isn’t a complete fix, especially after two days, but for the fits time my motivation to achieve at least one thing is still growing and I can not wait to get on my mat again tomorrow! 








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