SUN  Perfume by Lush | Skye’s Illustrated Review

Hello Everyone! I hope you are well. I decided that having finished this bottle, I have been craving the largest one since. I’m actually quite annoyed that I didn’t purchase the largest one I could but that’s okay. Because I am not going to buy anything from Lush until I can go to the Oxford Street Store and go to town with some money saved up. 

SUN Perfume by Lush Cosmetics

As you all may well know, I started working at Lush Retail in their store in Coventry. After only being there just under a few weeks, my health started to go decline drastically. So much so that I decided that it was in my best interest to resign as it was only unfair on the team. However my time spent there was great, and if I had got the job a couple of years ago, it would of been a match made in heaven. But I am still and forever will be a loyal customer. Everything I wrote, I still stand by.  I’ll be writing a post explaining my current and future plans a little later. But for now, back to the review.

Lush SUN Main Ingredients | Illustration by Skye Morgan

I am a vegetarian so I tend to have a reasonably limited choice in the world of beauty supplies. But, I personally prefer having a smaller selection to choose from. Quality over quantity is something I try to stick to as much as I can. But also budget is an important factor too, so the good news is that Lush is good in both aspects, well priced and consciously sourced. Another reason I adore Lush is because of their clarity of the ingredients used in their products, you know the product ingredients are easy to distinguish and super easy to search for a specific ingredient, either to avoid it or collect everything they make with it in, I tend to do the latter. 

The smell is a vibrant and warming mixture of Brazilian Orange, Mimosa Absolute and subtle hints of Sandlewood, which I find is a lot more noticeable after a few minutes of wear. I think that they have mixed this very well as the balance of scents seems to uplift and continue to linger over atleast 4-5 hours after around 3 pumps. This 10ml bottle retails at £10 and lasted around 4 weeks of me using it almost everyday. I absolutely adore this perfume scent because it reminds me of my garden in South Africa. 

SUN by Skye Morgan

To conclude, I definitely will be buying this again in the future and a larger bottle. I’d also recommend the solid perfume which is around £5 for I think 5ml. And it’s in an adorable and really convenient tin.  If you love the smell of sexy peel soap/avo bomb/happy hippy you will definitely love this at least just a little bit. 

Have you used SUN before? What do you think? 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. Until next time! 








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