Yoga Day 3

Good Morning! And a massive thank you to all the love I have received over the past couple of days! You’re all amazing and I can’t describe the positive influences it has had on me. Small things really do make such a difference, especially when you actually learn to appreciate them. Last night before going to bed, I decided to do another 10 minutes of yoga, just to aid my backache mostly as I have a history of suffering from occasionally quite painful sciatica. I occasionally use an app on my iPad called whe I want to target specific areas or follow a guided session. It is an brilliant app, that enables you to track your progress, create your own programs with a variety of ability modes. I highly recommend it. It costs around £3 but it is so worth those pennies for all the benefits.

Today, I amazingly woke up feeling well rested after about 5 hours sleep and before my alarm. I also pretty much sat up straight away. For anyone that knows me, I probably haven’t done this manoeuvre unless it involves a foreign trip or the cat is about too break something, so basically, holiday or sheer panic. I literally am the worst snoozer. So I was first of all impressed and secondly, in a slight bit of disbelief. I was instantly calm as I wandered through to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face then went to the kitchen to turn on the kettle. I went to reach for the coffee pot, but I then remembered that I had decided that I will be swapping my morning coffee for the healthier delight that is Green Tea. I had purchased a new brand and flavour combination. I will be reviewing it on the blog in about a week and I will include any changes that I have noticed too. But I adore the taste so that’s always a great start.

I will admit I freestyle a lot when doing yoga. I remember certain positions from when I was a kid like I have practiced them everyday, but it doesn’t translate to my actual body anymore. However even after three days now, I genuinely feel an improvement within my flexibility. If I keep focussed and keep up with my morning routine, whilst continuing to add 5 minutes onto my routine every day I can expect some major improvements. I really don’t want to fail now, because I usually give up after the first couple of days. 

Breathing and balance today was a lot easier too. In retrospect, I think my breathing and balance was super off yesterday because of the mini meltdown I had due to being an impatient and nervous wreck for a few hours at the thought of not having wifi. What an actual walker I was haha! Because I ended up sorting it out calmly and rationally later that day. Oh well, lesson learned and today I saw major improvements. So I definitely plan to continue. I genuinely enjoy playing on my mat too. 

Now as I sit here, perfectly content, having achieved already 4 personal goals for today and it is only 8:45 am. I feel amazing. I am ready to tackle a long list of tasks, I am going to have breakfast and focus on achieving my goals for a productive Sunday. And the hilarious bit is, I am excited to see the end result. YAY!

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