A Sketchbook Timehop! 

So once upon a time, a few years ago when I had been drawing every single day for a good 5 maybe 6 years I was at the stage where I could sit down and achieve pieces that I can not now. After so much time spent not drawing, I have seriously got to sort my self out. So I decided to go through an old sketchbook to find my favourites pages, mostly so that I can give myself a gentle reminder of a what continuous effort little and a bit of persistence can eventually achieve. 

Lana Del Rey & Tyler The Creator by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
Meghen by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
Sarah Detail by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
Sarah Detail by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
Sarah Study by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)

I have an absolute love for lines and simplicity. Kind of ironic since I always turn most of my pieces into chaos. But I like pretty much all of my recent ones since I am not putting restraints on myself or the pieces in comparison to my previous work. 

Floral and Coffee Studies by Skye Morgan
Pages from the Sketchbook of Skye Morgan
Something that I have always been fascinated by is stain glass. I have a separate post about that already planned it’s incredible. I really appreciate anyone who can create anything, but forming melted sand into anything is insane. I take my hat off to them. 

Tyler The Creator by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
Tyler Full by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
I have a vast array of subjectivities and I think when I post more that will motivate me even further. It’s funny how it took me almost 25 years to find out so much about my artwork and how it really reflects my own thoughts and personal life in certain respects. I enjoy that truthfully. Because your art work becomes a personal journey of anything you choose it to be. But you look at it six years later and it still is speaking to you. Except with far more clarity than before. I guess that’s how I see it at this moment in time. Who knows how I’ll feel when I’ve done my illustration challenge for a month or even 6. I can’t wait to see the results. 

Mood Board by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
This sketchbook is probably a good representation of my practiced drawing abilities.  I love experimentation just as much as photorealism. I just love to create to put it blankly. I do have a thing for drawing faces, but I’m trying to do more studies and sketches nowadays with still life and a few other types of designs. Which is literally the complete opposite of how I used to wor. But my newer exploration techniques seem far more efficient. 

Jenny by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)
Ara by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)

Mind Flowers by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)

I plant to do a little more exploration work with collage and other variations of mixed media. So I’ll be posting more on that in the future. So I hope you enjoyed that little throw back. I’ll be posting a few more recent ones once I have collated them etc. 

Let me know what you think! 





    1. Thank you very much 💜 Ahh wonderful to hear that! I’m planning a project to do with stained glass but won’t be doing it for at least a couple of months as I need to go away to do it. Can’t wait either way! Again thank you so much for the love. That’s a great way to keep motivated. 🌞

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