Illustration of the Day 

Hello all! 

So here is my finished illustration for today and the progress along the way. I really enjoy working in pencil but when I do, the perfectionist part of me comes out so what I have been doing is a lot of mixed media in order to strengthen my hand eye coordination again. Plus to work on proportion because that has been giving me a little sad haha. So to avoid the perfectionist diva in me, I am working with layers and no particular set rules of style. 

Pencil  Layout
Harry by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)

This was my first with drawing a hand in a while too. So I am pretty happy with it after changing it a good 7 times. But I got excited after adding a few colours. I really love loud colour schemes. I think that stems from my absolute love for patterns. I have so many techniques I’d like to learn too. So I’ll be giving them a bash with some reflection. 

Harry by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)

Definitely have got below my usual standard with drawing eyes. That was my jam too! So the only answer is practice practice PRACTICE! forcing myself but enjoying it. But here is the final image. I might attempt to make a hyperlapse of one of the future ones which would be pretty cool. 

So there is another illustration that has been finished. I’m going to go celebrate with eating chocolate and moving my flat around. I want my desk by the window now because I seem to be most productive where the most light is. I’ll also be working on a few other things later too so I am excited to post them up. 

So please let me know what you think! And I hope you enjoyed this post! 






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