Yoga Day 4 

Good Morning and thank you so much for all the love over the evening! I woke up to such an array of appreciation for the things I am doing and it has motivated me even more. So for that I will be working on perhaps doing a few give-always as a token of my gratitude. But I will talk about that later. 

So Yoga Day 4. I woke up later than I had originally intended because I struggled to fall asleep before 5 which was reasonably frustrating. So I am going to try to only have caffeine during the earlier parts of the day and from about 3pm I’ll stop drinking it. I can admit that the amount I consume is obviously a little bit of a contributing factor. Last night I did another 20 minutes of yoga before I got into bed. I’ve found that the stretching is really helpfull for warming up the colder parts of your body as it gets your blood moving through from head to toe. I have always found that a stretch before bed helps the getting comfortable process and there is a sort of zen feeling that comes after practicing. I can’t quite explain it but perhaps “mellow euphoria” is a good way to explain it until a better set of words is found.

Today I adventured into a headstand. Couldn’t quite believe it when I had managed to support and balance myself for about 30 seconds with out really using additional support. My mind is a lot more in tune with my body. And I realise that my stress goes from nothing to 100% in less than 10 seconds, so I must focus on being aware of the changes occurring in my body. Just like the handstand, focus, breathe and trust your entire being. 

Overall my flexibility is coming along quite nicely. I think the daily improvements are more than enough motivation to continue because I can see and feel a difference. So I will be posting weekly before and after comparisons to see what my yoga challenge has achieved. I think I will also perhaps work on creating a bit more of a specific targeting work out. But I’ll just complete the first week before I get cocky ha. 

Have you tried yoga? If not yoga, what is your exercise of choice?

Have a lovely day everyone. I will be posting a few more bits later on, but I just need to go and run a few errands then back to the drawing board. 



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