Illustration of the Day 

Hello everyone I hope you are well you have had a great day.

So today, I decided to give that video idea a go. I hadn’t realised halfway through that the battery on my phone had died. Which was reasonably convenient due to dry time. But I think my realisation caused a certain amount of distraction and resulted in the final being slightly over painted. It wasn’t my favourite drawing from the past few days but I finished it regardless. 

Grace by Wolf & Swallow (Skye Morgan)

This challenge is good in the way it’s building my confidence back up as well as helping me realise where I am going wrong. Which is helpful when I take on future drawings so that I can realise what not to do. Below is the video of the colour process and finalising. 

It was really interesting for me to watch it back. I noticed more throughout the video and sort of picked up on what I was trying to do. I really recommend trying a video of yourself creating or doing something. Excellent to tool for reflection. 

I tried adding Sharpies to define the edges etc. But I just never enjoy my work when I use them. I’m too fidgety with my hands sometimes. Oh well. I did complete it so I am happy. 

Let me know what you think! 







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