Yoga Day 5

Hello and I hope you are having a wonderful day! 

So I reached day 5 of my yoga challenge. I am feeling great about the yoga, but feeling slightly awful about period pain  turning up today a little unexpected, thus making each movement into double the challenge. You can see it on my face which is literally me trying to ignore it or push through it. I have minor contractions every month. I call it birth training.  I’m sat here typing with a hot water bottle and anything chocolate related in the flat is in reach. 

I again did another 10/15 minute session before bed last night which definitely helped me sleep better. I still wake up at random intervals but I definitely would suggest a little stretch before bed every night. I was quite groggy this morning too when I woke up, so I think earlier to bed. I just have to find a way to force myself to go to sleep at an appropriate time. This morning I could only manage about 15 minutes before feeling close to being sick. I didn’t want to over do myself especially with my history of such antics. I realise that if I had eaten properly yesterday, instead of snacking mostly after my lunch, my legs and back muscles would have probably stored the movements a little deeper into my muscle memory and not been as stiff to achieve. 

My backbends today were slightly less flexible than yesterday, only a minor set back. I just need to keep at it and it will become second nature.  The most important benefit and noticeable change is that of my mood. My stress levels seem to be slightly more controlled. My self awareness and understanding has increased too. I’m noticing little things about how I act, think and communicate. I think I do need to add that I have been trying to increase my self awareness and understanding for quite sometime. The reason? Self control, something I am not familiar with in certain aspects of my life. But this is helping.

As you might have noticed a little change in scenery in the video today. Yesterday after a good 3 months of having my desk nowhere near the window, but I always found myself being most productive at this end of the flat. Obviously where the most light is and fresh air. I worked on creating a decent little studio space and I am so so happy with the result. The whole energy of the room has changed and I LOVE IT. Mostly because this is something I have wanted for God knows how long. And I finally made it happen. I can just create and play on my yoga mat whenever and the best bit is “there’s so much room for activities!”

So I am off to go finish a couple more projects that I started yesterday which means I have got to get crackin’! I’ll be posting my illustration of the day a little later too so keep an eye out for that. Hope you have a lovely day filled with tiny happinesses throughout!








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