Yoga day 6 

Hello Lovely Ones! 

I am absolutely loving this challenge. The comparison of how I feel before yoga in the morning to afterwards is unreal.  Everything after yoga seems like I am on form with a clear mind to achieve the tasks I want to achieve. Given, this is pretty much only art or yoga. But that’s who I am. I guess. Feel more content spending my days that give me a sense of calming happiness. 

I went over my videos the last few days and am still seeing and feeling minor improvements in my physical body daily. I will be focussing on different positions from day 8 onwards. I have a yoga book that I found in a charity shop that is fantastic. Which explains everything you need to know. I’ll do a little post about it because if you’re not in the mood to use an app or want a good reference, this book is fabulous. But I’ll also be posting a few of my favourite positions and their benefits too. 

My headstand is coming along nicely. I am still putting a little too much pressure on my head because I need to strengthen my wrists. I’ll be focussing on the position called The Crow which is an excellent one for exercising and strengthening your wrists and arms. I need to focus massively on my tiny weak wrists. I blame the same repetitive motion from being a Barista for the last 7 years. And that one time I broke my wrist and took the cast off myself when I was about 8 or something ( I don’t think I knew the meaning of no when I was a kid because I just wanted to bath and not worry about my cast). It’s always clicked and given me shit for that. Hahah. 

I’m in love with my routine. Having an area ready is literally so much more beneficial, I just have a play throughout the day. I am so grateful too for all the support I’m getting in regards to this challenge. It’s incredible and I can see myself achieving so much more in the future. So for that I extend my gratitude infinitely. The yoga community is beyond words. So much love and kindness. There are no reasons why yoga shouldn’t be a part of a daily routine. It’s incredible knowing that you are on a mission to overcome obstacles and take control of your mind and body, but you have an entire yogi community there and willing to support you if you need it. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 






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