Have you had your Playtime today? 

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I got distracted by art and playing with fabrics. 

I went for a walk and ended up having a little play. We need time to reconnect with the natural world. As humans, we have forgotten that we are just as much of an animal as a cat or a shark is. We have certain needs that can only be fulfilled by getting back to our animal selves. Go hiking, walk barefoot through grass, don’t be afraid to get soaked in the rain do anything you can to be apart of it. 

All of these moments are rare and so god damned necessary for us to continue to grow and be happy with the stressful modern day lives that we all seem to choose instead of what we need. They remind us that our lives are so much more than the bills we choose to pay and all the other modernised ways of life. Focus on love and creative living. Love what you do, if you don’t love what you are doing, move on. You are wasting that energy. Do what you love. Learn to surf, try an Ollie on a skateboard, draw  something that can not be recreated. Sing loud and dance, just stop being afraid to screw up. You will learn. Let learning become an addiction. Learn to be the spirit you want to be. It will be hard, but it’s worth it. 

You can live your life they way you want to. Life is waiting for you to take the lead. So what are you going to do today? 




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