Illustration of the Day 

So I couldn’t find it in me to finish some of these. I was exhausted and needed to rest and started to get stressed out with it instead of enjoying the process. 

But I decided to post all of them because I hadn’t achieved nothing. I’m going to have off days. But I know when to start working on something else. I have been seeing and making a few clothes too recently. And making Macrame  plant hangers as well as camera straps and a few other items. I will be posting about that a little later on! 

So below are the pages from my sketch book that I did yesterday. I hope you enjoy having a little gander through the faces of my imagination. Its vast and never ending. And I can’t wait to keep achieving a little more everyday. 

The one below was my favourite and I felt after a good 10 minutes of deliberation that she was done. I appreciate unfinished work sometime more than what I gues you could call finished. I don’t think anything is ever finished. Only abandoned at a certain point. I don’t mean that in a negative sense. Just as all art is something and is nothing at the same time I think. 

So I hope you enjoyed that! Hopefully today’s illustration will be abandoned at the right time eh! 

Let me know what you think! 







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