Yoga Day 8 

Hello everyone! Yesterday and today I have been having iPad issues and my phone isn’t playing nicely either at the moment. So it has been making posting a lot harder than usual. The good old storage issue is really testing my patience.  I’ll admit, I got so emotional over a deleted paragraph that I had been working on yesterday and after having little sleep and an assortment of welcomed and not so welcome distractions yesterday that my exhaustion got the better of me again.  I started to cry and ate a tub of Ben and Jerrys to make myself feel better. It was delightful and I felt sick. I was definitely Icecream wasted. 

So I decided to call it a bad day and move on. Today, there have been a few episodes of me cursing this bloody iPad. But I’m happy it’s decided to play nicely again and almost to full capacity. I can’t wait till I get to do a technology upgrade. I’ll be so much more productive. But I’m trying my best and I just wanted to say that. 

So today is Day 8 of my yoga challenge and I have managed to achieve a few different asanas with a greater confidence within my body and my abilities. I must admit I think that I underestimated myself. I would scroll through the incredibly inspiring instagrams of othe yogis who’s abilities are obviously further than mine due to practice and wish I could achieve those positions. I realise I can and I will. But a week in and a stupid (small steps everyday) amount of determination later, I can do a headstand for almost one and a half minutes now. When I couldn’t even put one leg in the air without falling over.  Incredible. 

My daily sessions of practice are still slowly increasing. And I am up to an hour and 10 minutes a day minimum now. I feel as though every time I finish a 10 minute practice I have achieved a little more than before. A great motivator. It’s also helping me feel hungry and more appropriate times. And my water intake has increased a considerable amount too. 

Today I am a little lost in regards to where my head is at. And I could probably do with going outside and enjoying the sun before this storm hits that seems to be blowing into town. I’m rather upset with myself because I’m slower than I’d like to be with working out a proper routine so that I can be more efficient. But I think I’ll focus on that today so I can start tomorrow with a better idea of a goals list in place. I need a proper routine. And to stick to it. I think if I start my day with yoga and end it I have a better process of completing my goals during the day. And I can use the end of day yoga session as motivation to get goals done and as an exhausting practice of heavy breathing and my most challenging positions. It has really helped me fall asleep. I may wake up an hour later, but I managed to quiet my mind enough to fall asleep. 

I am so much more confident within my practice to the point where I showed a few friends my headstand yesterday. I’ll post a seperate post about it and all the different benefits practicing it can achieve. I’ll try to post a new position daily too. I hope you are all well and enjoying the day. 

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!




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