Illustration of the Day 

Hello everyone! 

This illustration took hours longer than expected. However I did have to stop and start. But I finished her anyway. So chuffed about that. 

For today’s illustration, it was an illustration chosen from my “unfinished business” pile. A collection of incomplete and partially abandoned. So I decided that I would choose one and finish it. 

After careful thoughts and shuffling through them about five times. I’m reasonably bad with having more than one option. So I chose my favourite out of the bunch. 

This lady had been chosen and I got to work. I’ll admit, I’m tired and my hands had been shaking throughout. Very annoying and I ended up changing the entire piece after I took the photo below. 

I went out for an hour or so whilst she dried and I played basketball and enjoyed the outdoors with Amy & John. Then came back and tried a few different patterns out as a boarder. I didn’t really see a final image after I went ham on the hair with my shaky hands. So direction change seemed like the best idea at the time. 

It looks a little unfinished I will admit, but I didn’t want to add anything else as it is already so busy.

I want to work on my control and not getting over excited haha. But I’ll set myself some tasks and I’ll post the outcome up here when I’ve done them! 

I think tomorrow I’m just going to do something that doesn’t involve a face. Give myself a bit of variety and a different challenge. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy her! Let me know what you think.


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