Yoga Day 9 

Good morning wonderful people! I hope you are happy and well! 

So today is day 9 of yoga. My relationship with yoga, is lasting longer than some of my past relationships with men. So I’m obviously winning there. I’ve come a long way considering I only started just over a week ago. I can really feel it when I haven’t stretched properly. Today was hard to get up properly. I fell asleep again at 5.30 this morning and was up at half past 9. But I just lay there with my eyes closed. Trying to feel more rested. 

I got up eventually and had a shower. Dried my hair and got on my mat. I was super stiff this morning. I think I didn’t warm up enough this morning. I managed to achieve a Headstand Variation today. I still need to focus on my breathing and form. It’s sometime difficult to tell if you are doing things properly when your entire body is on top of your head. Sometime when think I’ve nailed it, I really haven’t. But practicing more and more is fun that I can look forward to everyday. But the challenges become more difficult. So I’ll continue to take it slow and incorporate a routine into building all areas of focus.

My muscles shorten and stretch daily. Something I could do yesterday, I can’t today until I have stretched and lengthened and pulled to get back to a simple asana. But I see why it takes years to get to achieve a lot of them. Except, I really, really want to push myself. Not to the point of hurting my body, because that is the last thing I do. I just want to be continuously grow, learn and become stronger. 

It is getting more difficult. But my mind and body are learning to work together more effectively. I’m still enjoying the daily challenges and the calm and relaxed feeling I get after a session. But I’ll admit, today, my body is feeling the pulling and stretching. I need to definitely work on my flexibility every single day. But when I’m feeling and seeing the benefits everyday it is so worth it. 






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