Yoga Day 11

Top o’ the morning to you all and HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! 

I think my sleeping pattern is just on California time. I’m okay with it, however it is 6am again and I haven’t slept. But I was painting all night so I’m all good. Can’t wait to post a few of them up later! 

This morning I realised that a few different asanas are far easier to achieve now in comparison to a  couple of days ago. Which, is of course what you would assume with practice, but I was still surprised to manage to push myself a little further without that burning sensation. This is good. I’ve also noticed that the knots in my back are slowly disappearing too.  

I have decided that in order to ease myself into a more practical routine as apposed to free styling, on day 14. That just gives me enough time to work out a few more kinks and decide on my areas of focus. 

I am now going to go and make pancakes. Because Monday’s deserve pancakes. Have a great day! 




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