Yoga Day 13

Early this morning, at around 5am, I decided to venture out and have my morning yoga whilst watching the sunrise. I hadn’t slept again but I’d been playing on my mat after a good 2 hours watching other incredibly inspiring yogis and how they create such mesmerising flows. When they move, they look magical in their fluid motion of grace. And I am in total awe. 

My mind was racing and my body shortly followed. I left my flat feeling nervous and slightly strange. But continued to walked to the park. I realised how fully switched off I felt sometimes when I am walking through town centres and the anxiety that cloaks my body. It physically looks different. But this morning, I didn’t feel anxious. I felt as though I had the world to myself. A strange concept.  But romanticised just the same, throughout history, the magic that occurs when you venture out into the quite of the waking world. 

I walked down Lawrence Sheriff Street that is lined with beautiful and historic architecture. Victorian, Gothic and  Georgian buildings bursting with stories. Enjoying the familiarities and noticing things that I haven’t before. I was feeling excited and ready to go. Still tired however refreshed by the cool morning breeze. As I arrived and applauded my decision on bringing my mat. The grass was still wet and covered in sparkling droplets of the evening before, shimmering different hues of colour as I trudged through the leaves finding the right place to set up camp. I found comfort in the wide openness of the tree lined space and laid out my mat then set up my TimeLapse. 

Clothes by Sneakerclub Clothing

As soon as I stepped on the mat I felt at ease. Being outside was great and I felt a whole new wave of energy flowing through my mind and body. It’s interesting to me how I try to explain what’s happening because it’s pretty much that I am on a different planet when I’m practicing yoga. There are no negatives there. Only a continuous path where I build on the stepping stones that I laid down the previous day. I no longer see an end goal, I see milestones with continuous effort and patience. But with the continuous practice of those, I am learning to enjoy things more. My eyes are slowly opening up. And I’m learning to say yes instead of no. Which is leading me into wonderful situations. 

 It has also really been helping me learn to deal with my anxiety and other emotional areas. Mostly because I find that yoga has transferred the practices on the mat, into other areas in my life. I suppose that the confidence I give myself and that love and strength that seemingly keeps growing from the inside out, is starting to slowly allow my mind to manifest scenarios. I literally have to visualise myself achieving the asana before I attempt it, otherwise I won’t usually achieve it. And in that I have been creating a trusting relationship and balance between both my mind and body. I can’t do anything if I don’t trust in myself and abilities. And everyday I’m building on it. Mind over matter is becoming more of a reality than matter over mind. Which has caused a lot of the trouble in my head during the past few years.  But instead I’m beginning to see that the more I learn to control my body, the more I learn to control my mind. 

The video does not give the rainbow justice. But you get the idea. Yoga lets you see things differently. You learn continuously and find yourself saying I can instead of I can’t. This morning I chose to go do yoga in the park at 5am. If the yoga and sunrise wasn’t enough, I am so grateful. Have a beautiful day and say yes to as many things as you can. Dream it. Then stop at nothing to achieve it. Appreciate the lessons and pick yourself back up again. We are here to live every moment. Stop getting lost in the complications that we ourselves create. And try to find the simple pleasures of life. Even if it is something as simple as watching a sunrise. Life might just surprise you with something more. 







  1. I love your posts, you write so beautifully!! ❤ And what a beautiful video 🙂 So glad your practice is such a source of joy for you. Namaste _/\_


    1. Thank you so much Sara! Your words are so lovely! Im glad that you enjoyed it! I’m so thankful to have such a wonderfully supportive network too! All the kindness and love are a massive part of the joy! Namaste 🙏💜 🌞

      Liked by 1 person

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