Illustration of the Day 

I have this thing where I like to finish a drawing where it looks unfinished. In art, it does not matter about the final outcome. It just matter that you try. Enjoy the fact that there are no rules apart from the ones you set your self. 

Pencil practice is something I’ve been trying to avoid because I know that it takes longer than normal. But in my personal opinion I think it’s my strongest area. So I guess with avoiding it, I have focussed and developed a few other skills within painting and other colour driven pieces. 

Recently I’ve been worrying about my style development as an artist. Why I am worrying is beyond me and I know that it is pointless. I originally started my illustration a day challenge to overcome my problem with not finishing a project. But over the past couple of weeks, I’ve realised that I want to paint and draw simply because it makes me feel good. It helps me learn. And increases my creativity on a daily basis and lowers my stress levels by a substantial amount. 

Art takes me places that I never knew existed. And that’s what is worthwhile. Not a finished piece that is close to perfect. Practice is perfection. You can only achieve perfection during practice. What ever you choose to practice, do it for the love of it and do it because it makes you happy. 







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