Yoga Day 14 

H-to-the-ello everyone, 

I can not believe that it has been two weeks since I started this challenge. The past two days have been a whirlwind of emotions and learning to put my patience to work. I woke up far later than expected but I managed to sleep longer than 4 hours which was absolute bliss. I have decided that I will be posting monthly reflections for my yoga challenge so that I can cover a few other subjects more freely. Plus, I honestly can’t imagine my day without at least 30 minutes of practice a day. I’m fully converted and can not wait to see where this journey takes me. 

Stretching today was difficult. But I have better days than others. I swear I sleep weirdly. But I have no way to tell apart from waking up with the same pains in my lower back and neck. Getting started required a good warm up, otherwise my body just says no. Today for me was mostly a struggle to quiet my mind. With stress and my brains ability to somehow manage to think about everything all at once whilst somehow not actually thinking is a great skill that drives me mad. I can really tell when I am unfocused. 

I did however find that forward bends are fantastic for shutting off the noise. I’m so focussed on stretching my hamstrings and breathing. The pain is gradually becoming more of a tool used as a distraction instead of an ailment and a guide to what I need to focus on. Calm and steady breathing really helps to ease the burn of stretching. I’ve somewhat become addicted to it. I know I will be able to comfortably progress a tiny bit further tomorrow with a little less burn. And just in thinking about that, I hold the position just a few breathes longer. And the noise inside slowly becomes more hushed. 

You can’t always control what’s going on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. – Wayne Dyer






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