Illustration of the Day 

Hi everyone! 

So today I decided to paint a few of the shells I have from my collection. Yes, I am that girl, I also collect a variety of other random things which I’m sure will be illustrated in good time. However these little guys were from my trip to Boardmasters Festival last year, whilst working. On a day off, I spent an incredibly inspiring day at a tiny beach named Porth Beach in Newquey. So I thought I’d turn that day into a something more than just a memory that I can hang up on my wall as a little reminder of peace and tranquility, during a time of borderline chaos. I spent the morning in the sun. In total complete awe of the ocean and her beauty. Collecting shells, exploring caves and taking photos. I crave the ocean with every part of my being. If I could be a dolphin, I would. 

I really enjoyed working on these. This page is about the size of A5 and the shells are roughly to scale. I loved the challenge of layers and shadows. I’m definitely becoming far more comfortable with working in watercolour on a smaller scale. Which is truly bizarre as this is super out of character for me. But I’m enjoying challenging myself. I do find that if I am painting something that doesn’t mean much to me on a centimental scale, I’m far less happy with the end result. I’m taking that as a lesson to paint what I love as apposed to what I think.  

Let me know what you think! 






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