Yoga Day 15 

Good morning beautiful people! 

Today, my mind lead me to a place of deep thought. This is continuously increasing daily and I’m really learning to appreciate these thoughts and pleasantries that seems to be coming from continuous practicing of the body and mind. 
Life is about finding that balance. Im changing, it’s awkward and weird. But I’m growing. I’m finding my feet, my thoughts and my balance. This is a daily struggle for all of us. It’s different to every being on this planet. I’ve come to realise my understanding that humans are the most unbalanced species on this planet. Especially in the western world. We stop ourselves from growing and allowing ourselves to fly for so many reasons. None of which are worth the pain caused by such personalised stunted growth. We all deserve to have an outlet and to feel our emotions instead of continuously being stuck within the vicious circle of suppressing them. 

This is a reminder of something I realised that I had forgotten.

 Learn to release and expand your knowledge and cultural experiences. Be local to as many different places as you can and appreciate those priceless moments. Breathe deeply and with every exhale, let go of anything that hurts. Eat well, travel, be fearless. Learning to control your mind and body is difficult. But it’s no where near as difficult as living within a world that you created of regrets and could’ve been, maybes… Try everything. 

Remind yourself of those small challenges that you got yourself through. You did that! Grow a little more everyday. Appreciate everything and express gratitude. Surround yourself with goodness in all forms. You’re alive. Be alive. If you feel awkward and out of your comfort zone but excited about something that you have chosen to do. You’re living. Chase that. Chase dreams. Love freely and be honest. Take no shit but always be kind. Offer support. Every person deserves the life they are living. So go live. Today and for the rest of your life. 






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