Yoga Day 17 

Good day everyone!  

My eyes and mind have been wondering aimless for years until the day I started this challenge. I suppose it was the right time. I have always felt the need to escape. Escapism is something I’m rather fond of and very familiar with. But there’s a fine line between the good and the bad. I’ll admit I favoured the bad in the past because I guess you have to try things once. And I used to think of myself as a badass. I’d mostly choose to run away from situations. I’d relinquish control when I needed to stand strong or I would fight when I needed to stay quiet and listen. This left me feeling isolated and confused in my own mind. I’d also eventually tire of the good escapism. Such as reading, writing and art but my mind would still wonder, leaving little to no focus left on the task at hand.

Since beginning my journey, my concentration has improved somewhat. I have been more open to exploring ideas I would usually just dismiss because of a some silly reason.  I’ve realised how much I can actually achieve in the day after doing my morning session of yoga. Im slowly achieving results and implementing changes into my mental and daily routine, being open to new habits and my sleeping pattern is seemingly getting slightly more normal. Yoga has become the most comfortable part of my life. It’s a moment of peace and quiet all to myself. I am in love with learning and this is the most wonderful way in which to explore my own mind and the world. 

It’s transgressed to a continuous effort to unlock my potential through this humble and incredible practice. I have a deeper respect for its teachings daily and my efforts are constantly being rewarded in a multitude of ways. I’m excited to start putting together a few posts talking about the asanas themselves in more detail. But for now I’m off to see a few friends and one of them I haven’t seen the little chicken in about 5 years. So my excitement is crazy right now. 

Until later, love, 






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