Yoga Day 18

Hey there everyone, 

Im in a bit of a happy daze from the antics of this weekend. Seeing some of my oldest and best friends and sharing stories from the past few years has been insane. I can’t even explain how grateful I am to have such incredible humans that I love so much and are still in my life after all these years. And it’s still shocking to me that we are where we are, after what we’ve all been through. I’m so proud of all of them and I will forever be their fan girl. They inspire me everyday and I really appreciate that our weirdness just gets weirder. 

Today was quite difficult to warm up as I’d only had 2 hours sleep and a job interview to get to in the early hours of the morning. And after saying see you soon to Connor before he left for Hanoi, Vietnam, his departure left me feeling like I had a limb removed. I then had a great interview for a new job and spent the afternoon in the sun having a wonderful time with Jade,  Marie and the whole family.  

I arrived home later that afternoon and got straight on the mat after suffering from major withdrawal symptoms and cravings all day. To the point were I was on various train platforms standing like a flamingo, waving my arms about. I’d imagined myself looking like a bad attempt at swan lake arms. T-Rex trying anyone? 

My hamstrings and shoulders were really tight but after a good 20 minute warm up I felt better and started opening up. Downward dog is still a beast. I can do it for five minutes but damn does it turn into what seems like I’m stood on a vibration plate. But it’s great for the core and I’m improving daily so perseverance is key. And everyday there seems to me a noticeable difference in a growing resistencto pain. Breathing techniques are very good during these moments. Long and steady breathes to fill the capacity of your lungs from the bottom to the top and go as slowly as you need to.  

I’m in love with yoga as we all know now. But it’s becoming far greater than I ever thought. I hadn’t really shut up about it and it’s had a rather grand entrance into my life and is getting very comfortable. I think about flows constantly. I’m wholly consumed at the possibilities of yoga and all that I can achieve. And after a few discussions and inspiring stories from travelling, I have already decided on a goal to work towards. I’m researching into a few different retreats, training, local schools, and not at all local schools. 

The reason being is I’d like to deepen my knowledge of the practice, to challenge myself and be able to give advice to those who ask me and not feel uncomfortable if it may perhaps not be the correct information, of course I don’t want to do that in case of obvious reasons. I know my own body’s limits, well most of the time. I’d like to learn to see things from a different perspective. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback recently and in terms a couple of subjectivities that have really motivated me to focus on completing a 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training course in the near future. Of course, I need to plan this, which is great because I love planning. Especially if it involves two of my favourite things. 

My yearning to travel has been itching since I was born and it won’t stop until I feed that fire so I’m planning on finding a residential course in Thailand or Bali. I’m gonna work my butt off to make this happen and I’d like to visit a few friends on that beautiful side of the world and explore this incredible planet, be apart of as many places as possible. Eat food I’ve never seen or heard about and meet people from everywhere. I need more stories and adventures. To experience far more than I have. It’s time to grow into the world I live in and open my mind and heart to achieving this. I thrive when I seek adventure. I don’t particularly feel fear when exploring. What installs fear into my mind is staying somewhere for too long and missing out on diving into the ocean of possibilities that are just outside of my comfort zone.

There have been very few decisions in my life that I have been this excited and sure about. It’s been a long time coming and it’s about time I started focussing on a goal that makes me feel so sure in trusting the uncertainty of the future. I’m going to jump into the possibilities now. It’ll take time to get there but damn it is already worth it. I can’t wait to get a proper plan in place and consistently see progress from my own decisions. 

I just wanted to say to everyone that reads my blog and other social media, you guys and girls have helped me more than you’ll ever know. It’s hard to explain just how much I appreciate all your kind words and support.  For the first time in a what to me feels like forever, I’m finally on a path that feels solely my own and I feel very lucky and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. 









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