Illustration of the Day 

My love for simple and messy line work is up there with coffee and yoga. I have a nostalgic kick every so often and get the urge to draw old photos. Give them a new lease of life and a different memory perspective. It’s interesting to me when I do these drawings because I seem to have a knack of switching off the perfectionist button when doing this style. I especially like this style when I’m on public transport and other awkward drawing moments. Always fun and unpredictable. Usually resulting in simple but effective attempts at rectification. 

This is a rather old portrait of my one of my best friends called Nelson. He is an amazing artist amongst many other talents and awesome attributes. Have a look at his Instagram @killingtown and his Facebook page Nostradamus Artistry for some of his work. All the colours and vibrant characters that make you curious beyond belief. His mind is wonderful and his art gives you a fractional glimpse into the emporium that is his mind. 

Hope you enjoy! 






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