Yoga Day 19 

Good morning fantastic, wonderful and fabulous humans! 

Today is the day that is my birthday. My 25th birthday to be exact and I simply don’t believe it. I have been dreading this day, quietly and also, not, to my friends dismay. But I woke up this morning and instead of dreading it, I felt excited for the day ahead, myfirst birthday yoga session, food, seeing friends, just the promise of the day and the hope for the year ahead of me. I will add though, that when it comes to my birthday celebrations, I’m weird generally, but on my birthday, it gets intense. It’s a strange reaction to all the fuss the day brings. I prefer fussing than being fussed. 

I did feel different today. I do feel older. But that realisation happened before my birthday, it was just legitimised on this day. The whole time on my mat I couldn’t help but feel such gratitude towards every part of my life. I’m so unbelievably okay I sometimes do feel such guilt for situations that don’t need it. It’s a negative and must be let go. And I focussed on breathing slow and steady, throughout the session. Which made me feel so calm and ready for what usually is a reasonably stressful day due to my hilarious adverse reaction to celebrating. I really enjoyed the stretch. It’s really helped me feel less and less in pain with my next and back. Amazing results after suffering from previous injuries that would sporadically crop up from stepping wrong or sitting. 25 or 75? Who knows. Maybe with yoga, I’ll reverse any aging process. Woo! 

My anxiety was pretty much non-existent during the majority of the day. Which was bliss and even though it rained, I had a truly wonderful day and feel very loved, spoiled and so grateful I could burst. My birthday goals for today and for the rest of my life: eat well, laugh, experience awe, try new things, love unconditionally, respect and be respected, be grateful, appreciate everything, live everyday, be positive, let go, don’t stop learning, choose courage, get over fear, enjoy life and everything else in between but stay humble. Choose experiences and go with the flow. Everyday choose happiness. 

Hope everyone has an incredible day. 







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