Yoga Day 20

Hey hey hey! 

Day twenty in full swing and today I decided to challenge myself by attempting to deepen my backbends and balance during a handstand. And in adding in the wall as a stabiliser for support,I feel far more comfortable than I do trying to attempt it in any other area of the flat. I’m just not okay with the prospect of breakages. More worried about landing on a cat then anything else though. 

My shoulders are tight and my wrists need a considerable amount of strengthening. And I’m pretty sure my unnaturally short torso is really not playing fair when it comes to backbends. I’ve read that without proper exercise, the human spine can collapse each vertebrae onto one another and becomes tighter and less flexible and shorten by up to 3 inches. But with continuous practice of yoga one can actually rebuild a suppleness in the spine and releasing the tensions that restrict flexibility thus which will lead to better overall posture and can result in appearing taller.

So handstands will be attempted everyday, paying special attention to hollow back and balancing without the wall for as long as possible. Now I’m off to research more into all things yoga and continue to practice. Because I eat, sleep, savasana, repeat. Physically and mentally. I even bought kale the other day. But not to worry that was a one time thing, immediately regretted it and I’ll just stick with eating all the spinach and change my name to Popeye. 







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