Illustration of the Day 

Morning all, 

This lady is a little inky doodle that I really loved to much to continue. I don’t know why, I get urges to finish and I get urges to lovingly abandon (before ruin probably). I have an adoration for unfinished art pieces, mostly other artists. Probably stemming from my love of flicking through countless art books of my mothers and my usual favourite of the transitional studies to the finished piece. The finished piece gives you less than the incomplete. It’s in a constant state of change and growth. 

Salvador Dali is a favourite of mine with his “unfinished” pieces. They tell you a story with a thousand possible endings. It’s a never-ending guessing game of what’s going to happened next. He is another level though when it comes to imagination. I’d live in his gallery and art world if it were at all possible. Mostly for the animals. And the insane landscapes. Just everything Dali really. 

On a seperate note, I will be actually posting finished illustrations too. I’m just low on time at current and running around with a squill ion things to do in order to sort my adult life out. But I’m happy I’m actually getting a fair few other exciting projects done which I can’t wait to finalise and post on the blog. I love blogging so much and I’m just not where I’d like to be just yet, but atleast I’m carrying on and refusing to stop, even if it is slow and attempting steady. So I’m proud of that. 





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