Yoga Day 21 

Good day lovely people! 

So after being inspired by a wonderful yogini I follow on Instagram, I attempted practicing handstands in my doorways. It was really fun and I feel quite content in doing this now that my feet can touch the top of the doorframe. It’s really easy to balance when you have the safety net of the doorframe. I when I started attempting this I got flashbacks of me doing this as a kid for hours on end. Attempting to copy my brother but I was seemingly more scared to try handstands then in comparison to how I am now. It was scary the first time when testing the waters. But I just have to keep building my wrist strength and upper body. This will all come with time. 

I unfortunately deleted the other part of this video so there is only half of the session. But I’ll be incorporating head stands into my daily routine slowly when I’m more comfortable. Plus, I need to do more core work in order to balance and kick up. I’m super happy with my progress and feel more and more aware of my body daily. I’m becoming more comfortable with knowing what I can and can’t yet achieve. I’m proud of myself for getting through the past 3 weeks. And can’t wait to set and reach more goals and hit milestones in the coming months/years. It’s exciting! 







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