Illustration of the Day 

Good day and hope you’re all happy and well.

I have been making a few clothing items recently which I’ll be posting more about once I’ve photographed them. But I started drawing up a few fashion illustrations, this one is an idea I’d like to work towards making in the future. But for now I’m drawing up my ideas and keeping them as a little to do list in the future. 

I adore clothes, vintage mostly and it’s borderline a problem. I love the playful seriousness of outfits. And apparently changing them about 3 times a day. And fashion illustration is just sublime and I’ve always been really inspired by the styles and images that the illustrators create. I’d like to aim to progress drawings in the areas of proportion and well, style. But I don’t practice nearly enough on one thing. So perhaps I’ll try to focus on projects that progress my skills in those areas. 

All the challenges will be set soon as I’ve caught up with everything. But I’m feeling mostly good about the majority of items I am producing so I’m excited to finalise everything. I’ll have two days next week dedicated to creating a more varied selection of topical content. 

Until then, I’ll simply have to let you feel the spice with my illustrations and yoga posts. But I promise, once I’m more in a routine and have sorted all the adult world boring bits that take priority, I’ll be far more vibrant with my posting. 







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