Yoga Day 23

Hello on this beautifully sunny day. 

So today I decided to venture out into the great outdoors in order to film my daily video. I’m really glad I did too.  The weather is gorgeous and the sun was just sublime. It’s such an invigorating feeling practicing outdoors on the grass. I feel far more comfortable to fall too so in that less fear. That’s a big win from me. I spent about 15 minutes on this flow. I even managed to transition from headstand into bridge for the first time with little effort. It was really fun and my back really appreciated the stretch. 

My balance wasn’t as great as I’d like but that changes on the basis of my concentration. Something that has never been my sharpest tool. But I’ve managed to get by this far, but I have noticed an increase in that area too over the past few weeks. I have been attempting some of the most difficult asanas, so that I can increase my concentration. I’m fully aware of my inability to stay focussed. But atleast I’m working on it finally. Only took 25 years.. 

I would like to venture out more in the future. It’s far more enjoyable and yeah I guess it does get weird when people walk past and say things but when you’re bending in ways that are mostly used for baked goods, just carry on. It usually ends up producing hilarious comedy material or atleast you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside because you’re really happy that you didn’t bail. Either way, do your daily bend sesh. You’ll thank yourself forever for it. 






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