Illustration of the Day 


Today’s illustration is another messy little fella. Trying to focus on building outwards from one area, instead of getting carried away starting one area and moving along to the next in the blink of an eye. I’m enjoying a lot of white space recently. I like the cleanliness of the finished piece. 

This is another old photo of another old friend. There are going to be a few more of these I feel. I’ve been drawing in my a5 notebook a lot recently and I’m turning it into a bit of a journal. I’m planning a few different weekly challenges for myself. I’m heavily inspired by a few different subjects at the moment and I’ve got to work out a plan of action to fit them all in. Plus it’s going to be good to have a variety of different challenges. 

There are so many ideas I’d like to see myself turn into a reality.  Just need to keep sorting out my mind set creatively and everything is going to be great. I’m okay with the fact that it’s not all going to be as great as I see in my head but it’s fine, it’s not my only piece or my last. So I’m excited to finally say soon that I have caught up so then I can start. Persistence and determination is key. 

Have a great day! 





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