Yoga Day 25

Hi all! A warm and hearty welcome to all my lovely new followers and a massive thank you. Especially for joining me during such a sporadic time of posting. I promise I’m not going to always be like this! 

So I recieved my yoga wheel yesterday and as expected, I have been playing ever since. I really love it and I can feel such an improvement already with increasing my stretch and flex during practice. So today I managed to incorporate a few more asanas in combination with the wheel. I have also watched a large number of demo videos too which helped with feeding my inspiration. Backward bends feel awesome too and the added support has instantaneously made me feel more comfortable. 

I have been attempting positions that usually I would be very fearful of and shy away from. I have been telling myself that I’ll take this long to achieve this position. The length of times range from 1 year to 3 based on what it is. I have been basing this on a rough estimated comparison to a selection of other yoginis. But I realised that this was a pointless exercise considering I have been getting past this element of limitation, and instead just going for it. Staying focussed and ready to catch myself if I fall. In doing this, starting before I was ready, I have surprised myself in my inversion and backbend practices simply by giving myself a little push. 

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” – Seth Godin

For a long time I only saw fear as a negative. I’d run from it as fast as I can, often tripping up and later realising that it was an opportunity that appeared fearful, but only because I cared and saw it from a closed off and guarded perspective. I’d sooner give up on something that could of been great with a little push and a moment of blind courage. I realise now that I have a clearer ability to see these opportunities when I learn to set aside that small fear and open the big doors. If it sucks, it sucks, you know now, you have a story, you can move on. 

The reason I’m saying this is because you need to do everything in your power to stop fear from taking over your life. It infiltrates it in the smallest way and grows if you don’t tackle it. Sometimes it’s easier said than done but it’s an exciting thing to say that you aren’t afraid of fear. It’s impossible to not be sometimes, however it’s in the way you handle your reaction to it. Even though you are afraid, just pretending you aren’t can help and lead to good or great things. And if it doesn’t, lesson learned, leave no hard feelings. Live for the unexpected pleasures in daring to say yes, even when all you feel is fear. If your life isn’t in danger, it could definitely be worth the fuss.  






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