Yoga Day 26

Hi everyone! 

As you may or may not know, I decided to purchase an Ape Training Yoga Wheel a couple of days ago, in order to help with a selection of things. It’s been really fun getting used to the Ape (I’ve named the yoga wheel with a slight lack of imagination yes, but it’s because I name everything, plus I did want a monkey so this is a better compromise. I’ve learned to not question it.) I spent the most part of the past few days trying everything and quickly finding my favourites and deciding what is comfortable and what not. This wheel has opened up my shoulders and chest quite a bit and it’s been delightfully freeing when practicing certain asanas such as Downward Dog and The Wheel. Instead of feeling tight and unable to actually flex the tougher areas, it’s been a dream to push my limits with this tool. 

It’s definitely made my yoga sessions far more enjoyable when practicing on my own which has boosted my confidence when trying asanas that I’m quite cautious of. I’m less afraid every day and even more determined to continue on. And saying that, I do feel as though it’s quite a playful tool in the way you could really get creative with it. I’m excited to see what I can do with it over the coming months. 

I’d like to just add that I’ve finally chosen a habit that makes me enjoy the prospect of getting up. As much as I love art and the many other activities that I partake in, none have ever had the effect of making me want to get up in the morning. I’ve never been a morning person, I’ve got far better with age. I’m usually am a self appointed drama queen who would prefer to be silent and have silence before my first cup of coffee and atleast 30 minutes of sitting my my window eating croissants whilst reading or writing, now include yoga into that equation, then I am ready for the day.  

However if I get woken up to coffee, I’m fabulous and so ready for the day it hurts, that’s when it’s safe to pass go. I need a coffee maker alarm clock. Luckily though, over the years I have learned to be very good at pretending to be a morning person, due to having worked in the customer service industry. Now since starting yoga, this is all changing. I wake up and I’m in a much better mood most mornings. I never thought that I’d admit this, but I love mornings that involve the quiet before the manic chaos of the day. And watching the sunrise, it’s a daily miracle given to you to start your day in awe. It deserves to be seen and noticed.  







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