Yoga Day 27 

Good day good people! 

Today is a wonderful day, all sunny and warm. I’m feeling refreshed and hopeful for the next few days. After a really early start to a busy day sorting out bits for my new job and travelling a lot, I didn’t get much time to film this morning. Plus I wanted to have an excuse for an outdoor yoga session because well, they’re better and I would like to have an abundance of these please! 

I have been practicing Bakasana / Crow Pose every day since day 1. In the beginning I would only end up feeling a little disappointed that I could achieve it briefly but continuously “fail” to achieve the end goal. Thus leading me to ask questions such as “why can’t I do it” and other negative questions poured in. But within my daily practice, I started to change my questions to more positively affirm my end goal and keep my spirits up. I asked myself instead “what can I do to achieve this goal?” As soon as I did this I stopped creating the blockage which was effectively setting limitations on my progress. Being only slightly negative stopped me learning and adapting. It kept me in the same place. 
You have to shift your way of thinking to achieve your goals. I can now achieve this asana through a specific way of concentration and self trust for just over 10 seconds. Not every time. But when I do the time increases little by little. And so does my admiration for this practice. Through determination, positivity and continuous practice is the only way you can achieve anything. You have to adapt. To a new way of thinking now. Right now. And strive joyfully in order to find the right balance of mind over matter through continuous practice. Because you soon come to find that being content in the moment and visualising your end goal will eventually turn that into thought that you created into a physical creation. 
I had some time before my train home and decided to get off the bus a couple stops early so that I could go film in the park. I was very nervous today when I was searching for a spot. There were so many people that I almost didn’t do it. But I decided to anyway and felt so much better for it. I moved around a whole lot during it too. Mostly because I was aware of my obvious lack of balance in comparison to this morning on the mat. Though as I continued, I became more comfortable and started to feel the yoga high take over. 
My back bends are a struggle and are slightly annoying me. I genuinely believe that my torso is going to be the hardest challenge. I see and feel the least amount of progress there at current. But I’m not going to let myself get upset over it. I’m content and happy with my body and patient with its progress. Just have to keep working and visualising my body eventually achieving what my mind sees already. 
Being able to look back at where I’ve been and where I am now, makes me feel so proud and determined to build on this every day. Self love is underrated. A beast to manage but the benefits are infinite. It’s just your job to trust in your own abilities.  I’m off now to sort out a few illustrations. I’ll be posting them as soon as they have been  photographed in decent lighting. I miss a scanner/laptop combo. All in good time young one! I hope you’re all great and enjoying the day! 





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