Yoga Day 28 

Hi everybody I hope you are well!

Something extraordinary happens when you open your mind to making a conciously decision to be positive. The possibilities of forgiveness and letting go of what you’ve been holding onto, for whatever reason that may be, becomes a lot easier to handle in small chunks. You welcome goodness into your life and it starts to bring in more than you give out. Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for everything. And slightly taken aback. In the past I have been one to not really believe in the whole concept of positivity. Mostly because I was living inside a glass walled box that I’d created for myself in order to survive and I didn’t particularly feel comfortable with any other lifestyle. 

I find myself deciding on different goals in life, I’m learning to simplify and unclutter everything. Choosing to keep to a pace that is right for me. I’m still a bit of a recluse but it’s how I deal with this. Well, come to think of it most things. I’ve always been quite content in being in my own space. I prefer it. But in that time, I’m constantly creating. I have always wanted to be so many things. I was taught by my parents as a kid that I could be what ever I wanted to be, as long as I worked hard to create it, I would get there. And like most of us we start to stop believing this and start to not know what to believe and just end up in a negative cycle of disbelief and confusion within a world called adult reality, where a vivid imagination is cause for concern and being positive and believing in the impossible is childish. All the contradictions. 

I’m at a point where I have lived through the phases of a variety of lifestyles and mental attitudes to really, truly accept that good things do happen if you are positive. I look back and the only thing that got me through the darkest moments was believing in the impossible.  The impossible being the challenges I needed to face to get to today. And today, I am thankful to have the opportunity to be here, to say yes, I may have a lot to get through, to let go of, to forgive and most importantly learn, but I am really truly thankfully to have the freedom to chose how I live my life and to change my mind at any point. And I’m lucky enough to be have everything I need to achieve what I want, perhaps not now, but in my future. And I want to make it count for something, that is a work I progress too but I’ll find my way. 

I’ve been taking these choices for granted for a while and now that I can see it, I can change it. I’m starting slowly, to make sure the good sticks and the bad doesn’t. Life is good if you’re good and you let it be good. I’ve had a build up of truly negative emotions flowing through my mind and body. And it’s easy to get caught up in everyday stuff. You deal with it so often that it seems larger than it is and sometimes it becomes paralysing? You just have to think about it in a new light. Yeah sure, it’ll be tougher some days then others, it’s part of it. Just keep your mind on your goals and keep trying to be positive. Even when it feels forced, just keep at it and life will start to be a little better everyday. Even if it is starting small. It’ll be growing with and for you if you let it. 







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