Yoga Day 29

Good morning lovelies! 

So today was my first attempt to transition from headstand into a forearm stand. Why I chose today, when I have what feels like a monster migraine brewing, is beyond me and of course, I swiftly fell after the first adjustment and push. This was caused by not choosing to use anything to support myself. A mad in the moment decision. But it felt right at the time and it was alright till landing on the ground in a belly flop. It hurt a lot less than expected. So it’s safe to say that I’ll be trying to work out a safer technique when practicing this in the future. I like to use walls but I do find them intimidating sometimes. I’d like all the soft landings please. 

My body today has not been responding as well as it has been the past few days. It’s feeling weaker and I’m struggling to hold certain positions that are usually quite easy for me. I guess I’ll need to stock up on vitamins and minerals in order to sort out what ever my body is doing. I know I could be better with my eating habits which would drastically improve my overall health. I’m realising how unbalanced I really am. But it’s cool, I got this on the list too. All in good time pig, all in good time. I’ll keep eating the carbs for now. 

I’ve noticed that I’m quick to try the more difficult asanas. With over 300 of them in total, I have a lot of practicing to do. But at day 29 I really need to calm myself down. Even with all the progress I am making, I’m not at all ready or strong enough to do certain asanas yet. Which sometimes I find myself floating into the dangerous realm of envy and harbouring a certain amount of resentment towards myself for not starting this challenge when I was, well born. I’m highly competitive with myself. But I need to move past this. I’m where I am right now for a reason. I don’t know what that exact reason is, but I just gotta trust it and myself enough in order to keep going. 

It’s a bit of a short post today as I’ve got plenty to do and sort out in preparation for a few projects I am working on. Hope you’re enjoying my journey so far. I can’t wait to share some of my more helpful posts as apposed to me blabbering on about life and such. That will still be a part of it, but I’m working on more informative posts that I can’t wait to share with you all soon. I hope you all have a lovely day! 







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