Yoga Day 30 

Hey everyone! 

Today I was almost tempted to stay in bed and not do anything including yoga, but I decided against that because my body and every part of my existence dismissed that as blasphemy and I swiftly moved on to my mat. Today my body felt like it was entangled and I simply had not one bit of flexibility in me. Breathing was even difficult. And all the bright lights made me want to permanently attach sunglasses to my face. I’m not a great person to be around when I’m an emotionally driven whirlwind, with a continuous migraine clambering in and around my skull. I’m best being forced into bed whilst eating custard and a never ending supply of croissants, water and orange juice.  

In the first video I did this morning, I had a tiny accident. On the mat, I really hurt myself. I fell whilst in the crow pose (Bakasana) and face planted the mat. I felt as though I had been punched in the face. I just lay on the floor for a minute wanting to cry but just focussed on breathing through the pain. I was fine and there was no bleeding, I’m not gonna lie, I was quite surprised. Considering my entire body weight collapsed onto my nose and face I’m really happy the only thing that remains is a lingering throbbing pain in my nose and a not so obvious video. 

Getting up was a must in that situation. The pain made me want to lash out and quit. But in that moment I needed to breathe. I wasn’t ready to quit and I was even more determined to finish my session. I realised how much my body was trying to tell me and I continued to push the limits. I needed to be more careful and less forceful. The fact is that I could of quit but I didn’t. The simple reason being, I’d learned my lesson, now I needed to put that knowledge into practice. I needed to be far more gentle with myself and respect my body and its current state. I fell because I was not in the moment. I was rushing it and not focussing my full attention on the mat. I was distracted by the pain and it got the better of me. But I got straight back up on the mat and tried again. The very next time, I knew the limit. I handled myself better and the pain started to subside. I appreciated that fall more than ever when I succeeded. 

Today’s session was a lot shorter than my previous ones. After the face plant I thought perhaps a dark room and minimal lighting would be the best thing for me. So I submitted defeat and slowly moved into my bed with the speed and precision of a sloth. My face plant pain and migrain combo was still there, but I feel far better for still continuing my practice and managed to get some sleep. It’ll take far more to stop me from practicing yoga that’s for sure. 

No matter how you feel before yoga, you will feel so much better afterwards, but don’t over do it, learn your limits and work with them, they are there as guidelines to progression and understanding. I would highly recommend having a look online or asking a yoga instructor for the best asanas to target specific concerns you might have, be it mental or physical, there are hundreds of asanas with remarkable benefits just waiting to be found and loved. And if you look on Instagram and blogs, there are fantastic personal accounts and helpful tips that have given me an infinite amount of informative inspiration. As soon as I have collated my lists of useful information and summarised my notes I will be posting a few specific subject posts. I’ve started many, but I’m just working through my lists and trying to finish them. But until next time, have a great day! 





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