Yoga Day 31


I’m still in migraine land and feeling queasy at the thought of looking at a screen to write today’s post so I will keep it brief. I fell again. Belly flopped again too. This one hurt a bit. I carried on because it wasn’t an option not too. It was a short practice.  I’ve kept them to roughly 10 minutes since my migraines have been protesting. 

My balance is still off in certain asanas but I managed crow for a short time which was great. You can even see a puff of relief afterwards. Everything has been a bit too challenging. I’ve spent most of my time in the darkness of my cave bedroom. It’s been hard to focus on anything but I’ve managed to have spats of energy to look after myself as well as I can so that I can get back to the real world . 

And on that note, with my slightly sore belly, head and face, I’m going to march myself back to a horizontal position, shut my eyes and sleep for a few hours and hope it goes away. I hope you all are well and staying fabulous. 





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