Yoga Day 32

Good morning all! 

So today I woke up in a far better mood and state of mind than yesterday. Still quite useless due to the migraines, but they have subsided. I lay about in bed for a little while whilst contemplating the great questions of life, “should I go make coffee?” – which the answer is always yes and also “what should I eat?” Which the answer to that is usually always everything. Frowned upon by few, applauded by many. Anyway, I was of course sat on Instagram with the screen still turned down really low, looking at a never ending source of inspiration for my morning routine. I adore the initial planning of my yoga flow for the day. It’s very calming and I feel excited to try something new. Even though I’m still not feeling great, I decided to not break my streak of daily yoga and went to play. 

My balance and head were still quite off. I fell over slightly a couple of times but atleast today I could save myself. My face still hurts from yesterday. Luckily my ego doesn’t care anymore. I was quite upset about it. But I realise that my migraines have truly affected my entire being. More seated asanas seemed appropriate for my current state. My entire body took longer to loosen up these past few days. It’s been quite upsetting. But I’ve been kindly reminding myself that I am a human and I can have off days. Especially when I have managed to face plant the floor and still continue to attempt a seated forward bend and not even manage to touch my toes the first time whilst trying not to cry at the prospect of a sunny spell during a cloud moving. Yep, the dedication there, seems legit. 

The human body is a strange yet wonderful contraption. I’m learning to listen to what mine is trying to tell me. I am far more aware of what I’m eating. My calorie consumption has increased dramatically. I don’t hate it, but let’s put it this way, woo full time wages for full time food. The first grocery shop is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to get out some recipes that I’ve been dying to try too. I’m enjoying wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. I’m not where I’d like to be yet but I’m certainly on my way. 

I’m going to keep it short as my eye is showing white specks that aren’t their and I feel as though a pencil has been jabbed into the back of my eyeball. I’m going to go rest and sleep. Until later! 







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