Yoga Day 33 

Good day folks!

Today I felt far better on the mat than I had the past weekend. My migraines had sent my balance off into a frenzy and I just wasn’t feeling as confident after the two falls. But my confidence found me again today and I felt far better and was actually fully present. I honestly can’t tell you just how much I appreciated today’s mat session. I feel far better within myself too. After a few days away from social media and getting some actual rest I feel far more confident in taking on the the tasks I’ve set myself for the day and rest of the week. 

I’d like to apologise for the lighting in the video. I forgot to put the light on and it turned out to be quite dramatic. Today’s flow felt quite easy but still challenging. I tried the peacock pose again but I’m still in the process of building my upper body strength so didn’t quite achieve it. I feel as though my body proportions are slightly out too. My knowledge isn’t as complex of the human anatomy as I’d like it to be so I suppose question time at the doctors will do. 

In the near future I would like to spend some time within a class environment. I’ve been researching into local yoga studios. To no surprise of my own there are none in my little town but the surrounding areas are showing promising studios. I can’t wait to try out all the varieties and see what it’s like with other people and I can’t wait to have a teacher who knows what they are doing and they can show me and talk me through it. The fact that there are festivals dedicated to yoga and music too, literally sends my mind into overdrive. But for now, I’m quite happy with my self guided practices. 

Today I woke up at a reasonable time too and had a rather productive day. I’ve been writing all day in order to get back to my actual list of subjects to write about with a far wider subject range and be able to write to a schedule which is something I’m so unbelievably excited for I can’t even describe the nerdiness. I’m determined to get back on track with my blog before I start working full time again. I’m excited at the prospects finally. Especially now that I have such a positive and creative outlet to explore. It’s about time I started feeling like this. I’m a natural workaholic and do like sleep but when it’s deserved. Otherwise I feel as though I’m wasting my life. I love being busy and having a schedule. I’ve wanted to be an adult since I was about 3. But when it finally hit crunch time I was well and truly in denial and stuck in Peter Pan mode because I constantly felt overwhelmed. Now I can continue to tackle any task with a new perspective and clearer mind. I even did the dishes whilst waiting to for the coffee to brew this morning. And it definitely helped not having a blinding migraine all day for the first time in 4 days. Overall a great success. 





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