Yoga Day 34

Good morning! 

I’m slightly overtired after 7 hours of sleep. I think I genuinely work best on about five or six. Mostly six. I’m strange. But either way I need more coffee to get through the day so that of course is first on the list. It’s my 

So in today’s practice I found that after the past few days of feeling ill and incredibly tight in what felt like every muscle,  today was the easiest out of all of them. I’m glad I am on my way back to the healthier me. I don’t appreciate not being able to do anything. It’s so boring and I like being active. I’m still happy that I haven’t proven my streak either. Day 34 and still going strong. I really do need to sort out my eating habits. They are everywhere and I’m sure it’s not benefiting me in the slightest. 

I’m certainly realising that my backbends are going to be the most work. I have a really short torso, to the point when I sit down, my ribs and hips touch. So my posture is a big contender with this. I suck sometimes when I’m sitting. And it all boils down to laziness. I want to lengthen the spine and increase my flex ability. I have been practicing hollowback occassionally, but not enough really to make much of a difference. So I will start to do this daily too soon. The playing and making up flow is fun but I’m in desperate need of guidance in some aspects to my own body structure. I can’t wait to find out what I need to do from someone who knows what to look for. 

I’m quite busy today with running around with sorting out things for work, art and writing. I’m behind but I’m forcing myself to just work through the backlog. It’s all good on most fronts now so it’s just a matter of time before I’m settled and complaining that I have nothing to do. Haha, one can dream. But until then I need to get back to business, have a marvellous day! 





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