The Right Way To Spend a Break

I’m halfway through my long shift and I escaped to the smoking area to calm my mind. Front facing customer service is a difficult job, regardless of what people may say. I’ve worked in a variety of “jobs” and keeping people happy is a tough one. But today I’m feeling good after a reasonably quiet first half of my shift. Being stuck inside can make you crazy, and being crazy isn’t good for any brand rep. So I went out into the fresh air, (as fresh as you can get with bins around)  and got my yoga on. 

It’s safe to say this was my first ever work break that included yoga instead of a cigarette. I definitely preferred it and felt so much better once my belly was full and my legs were stretched. Even five minutes made a considerable difference. It’s safe to say I’ll be doing this every chance I get. 

Hope you’re all cool. 



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