Yoga Day 39

Good morning! 

So, today I have a ten hour work shift ahead of me and I focussed my practice on working my upper body and core to balance out the exercise my lower body will be getting from running around for all those hours. One of my favourite asanas for stretching my upper body and opening my shoulders is the extended child pose. It works a treat when incorporating my yoga wheel for a really deep stretch. 

Another favourite is dolphin pose as it strengthens your shoulders and core whilst stretching your hamstrings. Similar to downward dog both are great preparatory poses for forearm stand into scorpion pose. That I know will be one of my most challenging asanas to conquer. But I am happy and excited to continue my progression slowly. As I know it is going to take a good while to get the flexibility I need to achieve that deep back bend. But I enjoy it so I don’t mind. I’ve managed to actually stabilise myself instead of bailing thanks to the sofa too. Which seems to have helped destroy any fears I previously had. I’d like to try on grass in a couple of weeks after some more practice and strength building. 

But for now I am off to grab my train and get to work. Hope everyone has a delightful Monday! 






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