Italy Dreamin’

As long as I can remember, I have been in love with Italy. The history, the beauty and everything else in between. I want to experience, explore and get lost in the place I have been dreaming of for so long. 

I’ve got plans to stay in Rome and take a course in Italian. I’ve been learning little bits but I’d like to be fluent one day.  I’ve pretty much planned it out ( but if you know of a place that isn’t really known, tell me please so I can explore!) eat food, drink all the coffee, do a handstand in the Colosseum, eat an unbelievable amount of food, etc, etc. All that’s left to do is book and pay and I’m working on that. 

And as a way to fuel the fire under the pot of dreams and plans, I made a little montage of a few places I’d love to meander through and most likely be awestruck by the sights and whatever else I find. 

Scenes from beautiful pebbled streets of Trastevere mostly. I could literally move there right now and be so totally okay with the stress of being really foreign again. Infact, I look forward to the feeling of the strange discomforting comfort that you get when travelling. It’s been a while, I fear I may have forgotten what it feels like!

I’ll be posting more and gradually increasing over the next few weeks which I’m excited about. I’m looking forward to seeing this blog grow and me grow along with it. I have so many ideas that I literally don’t know where to begin. But a good friend once told me to Start in the middle and work either way. So that’s basically what I’m doing at the moment. Until later!




Little Things 

I recently started using my trusty old moleskine again, with all intentions of making sure to use it every single day. Not just for illustrations, but also to remove my frustrating fear of the blank page. I had my old red moleskine for a good two years. And the most I had done was rip the majority of the pages out and barely attempt to use it for art purposes. Until a couple of months ago and promised myself to use it at least once a day and to stop tearing pages out of a £16 sketchbook. Blasphemous behaviour I know. Don’t worry, I judged myself too. But you’ll be happy to know that I have since stopped doing the unspeakable and I had to actually get a new one just before Christmas. So all in all, this little challenge I set myself has gone surprisingly well so far. 

I fight with myself on a daily basis to get things done. Sometimes it feels as though I’m on a carousel, going round in continuous and monotonous circles, with the voice inside my head letting me know that I have to put in the work and show up in order to create anything, which is playing over and over instead of the music.  However since I started to just draw without reason and make peace with the imperfections, I have found a new sense of comfort in the quiet moments I find myself buried inside of my journal.  

Recently, my nostalgia and wanderlust have been inspiring the most recent pages. I haven’t explored enough of the world yet and life is teaching me patience. Don’t worry life, I’m so totally ready to go whenever so, I’ll just be here, drawing nostalgic references to my past, whilst thinking about my future. 

I haven’t pushed myself with art at all recently. I’m annoyed by this yes, but I’m slowly forcing myself into a routine that fits me. A continuous process but I’ll get there. So here it is today’s illustration. Nothing fancy, just a collection of Little Things that have been found, given and bought. 

I have a few illustrations that I haven’t posted on here yet. But I’ll be getting everything posted soon. I’m always late, I’m really trying to get organised. But I swear, my life is 99% drafts right now. And not just in regards to blogging. So prepare to witness me attempting to be a fully functioning human. Feel free to laugh, because I do. All. The. Time.



She turned her world upside down to make sense of the madness. 

And in that moment of uncertainty, 

all her fears disappeared into the sky 

and she learned how to fly.