I’d found a home in a distant land. A home that I called mine for a blissful few hours on a sunny day.
Away from everything but not, sheltered away, I found a place which allowed me to become whole.

The waves crashed in on my legs. Enveloping them as my heart poured out into the ocean.

My insides danced with glee as I playfully skipped through the cool water.

My footprints embedded in the sodden sand, as sudden as the waves lapped the shore once more, the past imprints that have shaped me are taken back into the waters.

And in that moment, as I watch the shapes dissolve into the great vastness, I feel the emptiness inside me fill with warmth.
I exude happiness and I am engulfed by the power that resides in the ever changing faces of waves. 

I am energy. Ever changing and powerful.

I am free.

Free from hatred, pain, fear and jealousy. Free to be a continuous work in progress. Free to feel what I need to feel. Free to walk away.


I am nothing but a vibrant current sweeping through the great ocean that is life.


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