Berry and Cacao Smoothie Bowl with Moringa Powder

One of my favourite go-to post work out meal seems to always be a smoothie bowl. I’ve been pretty much in love with how fast it takes to make and how long it fills me up for. I have been experimenting with a load of different recipes and will start posting a few more of my favourite concoctions on here so you can try them out too. 

It’s one of my favourite days today, a Monday and market day. Which means it’s a day spent usually eating, practicing yoga and focusing on myself. Over the past year or so I’ve been focusing on all aspects of my health and learning about my self, from my mind to my body and in doing this, not only am I getting to know how my body works, how to listen to it and also learning to look after it with the respect it deserves. This is a daily challenge because I could quite easily sit and eat chocolate spread on toast for every meal, so keeping my meals interesting and relatively simple and fast to make is my favourite kind of meal. 

The recipe for this was inspired by all the fruit that I may or may not have slightly crushed on the walk back home from town.. Picture this, I have several bags of market fruit and veggies. I’m carrying my yoga mat and hand bag and they take it in turns beating me in the butt as I walk slowly losing the grip on my bagged up melons, etc. They fall, taking the bag of not so appropriately placed raspberries and provide a great cushion for the melon… 

So I used all the raspberries to create this absolute delight. 

I had also read about the benefits of including Moringa powder into my diet for a number of reasons. Mostly it’s superfood qualities that boast  medicinal and healing purposes. And the amount you actually need to use every day is up to a tablespoon a day but I’d recommend starting with about a teaspoon and seeing how you go. 

Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1 banana 
  • A handful of blueberries 
  • A handful of strawberries 
  • A handful of raspberries 
  • 1/2 cup oats 
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk 
  • 1 teaspoon** of Moringa powder*


  • A handful of chia seeds 
  • A handful of organic cacao nibs 
  • A handful of flax seeds 
  • A handful of dried coconut flakes 
  • A dashing of blueberries 
  • 2 passion fruit 

* If the Moringa powder is overwhelming, I find it’s quite an earthy taste, but on the bag it is written that it has a similar taste to spinach, just add more of your preffered berries. 

** I decided to change this amount from 1 tablespoon to 1 teaspoon after reading about the daily intake. 

I’ll be posting about why I have added Moringa powder to my daily food intake shortly so keep an eye out for that and let me know what you think! 



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Ape Training Yoga Wheel | Product Review 

After starting my personal yoga challenge, I found myself more often than not resisting the temptation to attempt a few asanas, mostly backbends and inversions, that I would be far more enthusiastic to try if I had some sort of support in place. As the majority of, if not all of my practice takes place when I am on my own. I was fearful and felt quite limited in my practice. Having come across a similar product whilst on Instagram, I spent quite some time researching into what the wheel did and after seeing results from yogis on Instagram and how much fun they were having with no fear from what I could see,  I needed to have one. So,  I scoured through the Internet in order to find a yoga wheel but trying to keep it within budget of £20-£30 as a lot of the wheels are made and sold predominantly in the US or Australia and the prices are well, relative to circumstance.

When I came across this one, I was very happy to have done so. I read reviews and after a week of waiting to find out if I had won a competition to win a yoga wheel, I found out that I had lost, and celebrated by purchasing this bad boy. I ordered it immediately and it arrived the next day. Packaged well and they had included a helpful mini guide to get me started. It is incredibly strong and durable, measuring roughly 5 inches width and the height of 13 inches. According to the website, it is suitable for anyone over five feet tall and can support up to 500lb.

From day one, this tool has become a staple in my daily routine. After the first use, I felt a considerable and noticeable difference in releasing tension in my shoulders and spine. Plus, I felt far more comfortable in exploring my limitations, backbends, inversions and stretching my flexibility a little bit more. This wheel has acted as a guide when I have felt unsure within myself. It’s stopped limitations and instead opened up possibilities.

I have had the Ape Training Yoga Wheel for over six months now and I can honestly tell you that with out it my practice would not have progressed as far as it has. Not only has it given me an exceptional amount of support, it has genuinely helped with everything it said it would. I have managed to challenge myself and build a more wholesome fitness routine which has instilled more confidence within my daily practice.

Below is a video that I had recorded a little while ago with all intentions of posting but I got distracted with life. I will be recording a newer video soon and would like to talk about the different asanas and benefits of incorporating tools into my daily practice with a little more applicable information.

I would highly recommend the Ape Training Yoga Wheel for everyone from beginners to gurus, but especially for beginners. The benefits are infinite and you can truly enhance your practice with such a remarkable tool. It sets aside fear and helps bring balance and centres your focus. You will not be disappointed with this product. Just infinitely thankful. I would probably buy it just for the sole use of using it as a back massager. The feeling is close to that of a deep tissue massage. Heavenly!

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The Right Way To Spend a Break

I’m halfway through my long shift and I escaped to the smoking area to calm my mind. Front facing customer service is a difficult job, regardless of what people may say. I’ve worked in a variety of “jobs” and keeping people happy is a tough one. But today I’m feeling good after a reasonably quiet first half of my shift. Being stuck inside can make you crazy, and being crazy isn’t good for any brand rep. So I went out into the fresh air, (as fresh as you can get with bins around)  and got my yoga on. 

It’s safe to say this was my first ever work break that included yoga instead of a cigarette. I definitely preferred it and felt so much better once my belly was full and my legs were stretched. Even five minutes made a considerable difference. It’s safe to say I’ll be doing this every chance I get. 

Hope you’re all cool. 


Yoga Day 39

Good morning! 

So, today I have a ten hour work shift ahead of me and I focussed my practice on working my upper body and core to balance out the exercise my lower body will be getting from running around for all those hours. One of my favourite asanas for stretching my upper body and opening my shoulders is the extended child pose. It works a treat when incorporating my yoga wheel for a really deep stretch. 

Another favourite is dolphin pose as it strengthens your shoulders and core whilst stretching your hamstrings. Similar to downward dog both are great preparatory poses for forearm stand into scorpion pose. That I know will be one of my most challenging asanas to conquer. But I am happy and excited to continue my progression slowly. As I know it is going to take a good while to get the flexibility I need to achieve that deep back bend. But I enjoy it so I don’t mind. I’ve managed to actually stabilise myself instead of bailing thanks to the sofa too. Which seems to have helped destroy any fears I previously had. I’d like to try on grass in a couple of weeks after some more practice and strength building. 

But for now I am off to grab my train and get to work. Hope everyone has a delightful Monday! 





Yoga Day 38

Happy Sunday! 

I woke up this morning feeling excited. I decide after my morning brew that I needed to move my sofa in a better position so that I could utilise it more within my practice and have some extra stability when in certain inversions. And after a good hour and a half (more so two) of tidying up after the shuffle, I wanted to try something a little more challenging on the mat today. 

I’ve been building my core and shoulders in order to attempt a forearm stand and my handstands. The work I have been doing is paying off too, but it’s the balancing and strength combined with the breathing that is the difficulty it’s cool though, because I feel far better now that the sofa is there as a buffer. Once I’m in the position I just focus on my breathing. I also try to avoid staying in the inversion for too long at this stage. As I don’t want any shoulder problems from forcing myself. 

I’ve been bouncing between highs and lows the past few days as though it’s a never ending tennis match. It’s exhausting sometimes. I have found myself escaping into Netflix again as they added the entire series of Gilmore Girls, so you can all just assume that that is what I will be doing until further notice. It’s good escaping into tv sometimes, but also bad, because I feel guilty having spent so much time watching programs instead of working 24/7. But I can totally justify Gilmore Girls.

Things like the BFF and other personally chosen subjectivities are good stresses. I struggle with other stresses that I haven’t chosen nowadays. I don’t handle them as well as I used to. So I guess it’s time for me to find a new way to deal. And this is a massive trigger for my anxiety. I struggle to accept certain attitudes. Things have changed and I’ve outgrown a lot of previous situations that I used to feel superbly comfortable in. So now I feel reasonably weird in most situations. I don’t always feel weird but when I do it’s not usually a good thing. Feeling weird though and being weird are two very different things. I’m no stranger to being weird. I actually like my weird. Atleast I’m learning my triggers eh? Now to do something about them. 





Yoga Day 37 

Hey hey hey all! 

So today is a a great day because I achieved something today that I haven’t managed to do since I was about twelve. I went from standing into wheel without any fear or screaming/yelping of pain and it felt amazing. I’m still in shock. It’s got a lot of work to get it to right and so that it doesn’t look so wrong, but all in good time with practice but atleast that initial fear is gone.

I have managed to somehow achieve so much in such a small amount of time and this also shocks me. I’m still feeling as though my time spent practicing isn’t enough and I could so easily spend the majority of the day practicing then writing and practicing again. I am so unbelievably happy with the progress I have made and can’t wait to try a few other things. I’ve got a few ideas and variations but I need to still build more of my core strength. 



Yoga Day 36

Hey everyone, 

I’m feeling far better today, especially after this mornings session. A few straggler emotions lingered in my wake but after Sun Salutations and a relaxing and stretched freestyle flow, I’m feeling more relaxed overall in mind and body. My head is a strange place, somewhat elastic in its abilities to snap out of a situation. My heart however is a busy body and loves to just be all up in everything and then confuses my head. Sometimes, this doesn’t help and leads me into scenarios that I would probably try to avoid in most cases. Nevertheless it is a brand new day and I’m ready to get focussed on staying focussed. A rare occurrence, but there’s been Magic a few times it’s happened. 

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me with Birmingham Film Festival projects and also starting a new job tonight too so I am ready to get busy. But I’ve also got to keep in mind that I work to live and not live to work. It’s tough finding a balance, I’m happier to work on projects that truly push my mental capacity. I may complain, but I’m a self diagnosed addict when it comes to learning. Perhaps not conventionally, however when I do finally find the drive, I stick my head down and I crack a big old whip on myself. I’m still in no man’s land of emotion but I’m learning to try and listen to my body and not ignore warning the signs.

Listen to what your body is trying to say to you. It’ll become a habit. I struggle when I ignore my body trying to tell me things. And I swear that’s where the majority of my problems lie. I hope you all have a fabulous day as always! 






Yoga Day 35

Hello lovely humans, 

 I’m feeling tired and stressed out and through the day my anxiety decided to make a dashing appearance to the point of tears. I’m struggling off the mat in my normal daily life a little more than I should be. Even though I’m not entirely sure of what I’m supposed to be feeling a lot of the time. Certain unwanted emotions and feelings have been making their way into my concious which has made me feel super crappy. I’m not as balanced as I would like to be and that is something I’m desperately trying to get to, but I suppose the desperation is turning me into a version of myself that I struggle to control. 

I have been having difficulty to accept just where I am right now within my personal life and my career, which commonly leads to overthinking and generally ending up in a dead end of still feeling as though there is something missing and it’s all my fault. Basically, I’m overly emotional and attached to this vague idea of what I want and I’m feeling far to influenced by others at the moment. Then immediately feeling guilty and emotionally charged and the viscous cycle of introvert overthinking begins. This happens on a daily basis, negative emotions come in waves and I find myself fighting to keep the positivity flowing. I’m scared and that’s okay. I just feel lost and it’s normal during times of change. 

I suppose my discomfort stems from my constant feelings of not being good enough. Doesn’t matter in the context, it always hurts and leaves a bruise. Right now I feel somewhat scarred, but I know that it’s all part of it. It’s going to take a lot longer than just over a month of yoga and positive thinking to sort out the wreckage caused by the forest fires of my past. I’m now in a position to actually fully choose my path with no restraint from anyone and I guess I’m pooping my pants at the thought and a little influenced because I’m still a little stuck in the whole wanting to keep people happy.  I haven’t looked at what I want to truly do with my life in years and I was always the kid who changed her mind every five minutes when she got bored. Now I’m twenty five years old and feeling not so different to fourteen year old me, terrified and somewhat isolated in a place I didn’t quite put myself.  

I’m going to be okay though. I just need to pull my foot out of my ass and actually work towards creating a life that I am proud of and stop procrastinating. And I need to remind myself that I can be a work in progress and still kickass but also feel like an idiot too. Perhaps this is balance? I’m stubborn and independent and like to do things on my own. Especially when it comes to sorting my head out and that’s why I write about it. If it’s on paper, I can make sense of the words. If they’re in my head floating about, they just inflate and repeat themselves and cause trouble. But recently I’ve been equally as good as I have been bad. However I’m on the right path and I feel a sense of calm fall over me and the stress lift off my shoulders as I write these words. 

I’m changing daily and I’m shifting my life in a way that I am creating it, I’m reluctant to take on the responsibilities, however that’s all down to the fear of the Unknown and everything I want is on the other side of all this pain. I am willing to adapt faster and continue to encourage myself to step up my game to build strength in all my weak areas. I’m feeling stronger physically, but my mental side is in need of constant TLC. Life is about rising from the ashes. You bleed to renew and heal and this is what I’m doing. I’m bleeding and healing constantly. Everyday is a chance and I’m learning not to waste the days. I will leave you with a wonderful quote that I came across on Instagram. This quote truly was just what I needed to find in order to stop the negativity. 

“Yoga is the between the light and the dark within you. The light is what brings you back to the mat and the darkness is what you uncover there. Don’t be afraid of the darkness; these are only shadows and though you’ll have to walk down some pretty dark alleys, Remember, you are grounded in the light and the light will set you free. 
– Amy Jirsa




Yoga Day 34

Good morning! 

I’m slightly overtired after 7 hours of sleep. I think I genuinely work best on about five or six. Mostly six. I’m strange. But either way I need more coffee to get through the day so that of course is first on the list. It’s my 

So in today’s practice I found that after the past few days of feeling ill and incredibly tight in what felt like every muscle,  today was the easiest out of all of them. I’m glad I am on my way back to the healthier me. I don’t appreciate not being able to do anything. It’s so boring and I like being active. I’m still happy that I haven’t proven my streak either. Day 34 and still going strong. I really do need to sort out my eating habits. They are everywhere and I’m sure it’s not benefiting me in the slightest. 

I’m certainly realising that my backbends are going to be the most work. I have a really short torso, to the point when I sit down, my ribs and hips touch. So my posture is a big contender with this. I suck sometimes when I’m sitting. And it all boils down to laziness. I want to lengthen the spine and increase my flex ability. I have been practicing hollowback occassionally, but not enough really to make much of a difference. So I will start to do this daily too soon. The playing and making up flow is fun but I’m in desperate need of guidance in some aspects to my own body structure. I can’t wait to find out what I need to do from someone who knows what to look for. 

I’m quite busy today with running around with sorting out things for work, art and writing. I’m behind but I’m forcing myself to just work through the backlog. It’s all good on most fronts now so it’s just a matter of time before I’m settled and complaining that I have nothing to do. Haha, one can dream. But until then I need to get back to business, have a marvellous day!