You’ve Been Mangoed | Skye’s Illustrated Review 


Vegan bath oil from Lush

£2.00 for 20g

Main Ingredients:
  • Mango Butter
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Avocado Butter
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Lemon Oil

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You’ve Been Mangoed | Illustrated By: Skye Morgan

This lil bath oil is one of my favourite products from Lush and my favourite bath melt of theirs. I buy at least one every time I go in, even if it’s the only thing I buy, I know my skin will thank me. The melt itself is just smaller than an egg in size & I find that with my skin, I can make one last for about 4 baths if I cut it up into smaller pieces (which I think is amazing for the price). However, you can totally do what my friend does and throw about 3 in the bath at once, I’d call that a deep treatment. 

You’ve Been Mangoed Ingredients | Illustrated By: Skye Morgan

This wonderful little melt is big when it comes to moisturising and nourishing my skin, rich ingredients packed with moisturising properties and benefits are what I need. I have quite awkward skin and have had many a nightmare with attempting to find a balance between oily and dry skin during the winter months. This melt has been a godsend from day one. Leaving my skin smooth and plumped up with moisture without the leftover oily residue that I often get from other similar products.

You’ve Been Mangoed Ingredients | Illustrated By: Skye Morgan

What I love about Lush products are the incredible fresh smells of the ingredients. Whilst in the bath, the atmosphere that the oils create are uplifting and refreshing and the smell amplifies. I literally swoon at the fragrance of You’ve Been Mangoed, it’s so good that I’ve genuinely had to stop myself from eating it. (Seriously, I am actually sad that it isn’t edible because if it tastes half as good as it smells.. ohh snap! I know I’m weird and so okay with it.) The scent stays on your skin for a good few hours I have found, I’ve had a couple of people mention this to me after I have used only a quarter of the melt.

You’ve Been Mangoed is a wonderful product overall and I struggle to find any negatives when it comes to using this product. It’s become a go to product that’s a part of my routine. And that’s pretty damn good considering I’m an awkward cat with stuff I put on my skin. If it feels wrong I won’t use it and this is one that feels so, so right. I’d definitely recommend this as a treat for your skin and senses. 

Have you ever used this product? What do you think of it? 



Ape Training Yoga Wheel | Product Review 

After starting my personal yoga challenge, I found myself more often than not resisting the temptation to attempt a few asanas, mostly backbends and inversions, that I would be far more enthusiastic to try if I had some sort of support in place. As the majority of, if not all of my practice takes place when I am on my own. I was fearful and felt quite limited in my practice. Having come across a similar product whilst on Instagram, I spent quite some time researching into what the wheel did and after seeing results from yogis on Instagram and how much fun they were having with no fear from what I could see,  I needed to have one. So,  I scoured through the Internet in order to find a yoga wheel but trying to keep it within budget of £20-£30 as a lot of the wheels are made and sold predominantly in the US or Australia and the prices are well, relative to circumstance.

When I came across this one, I was very happy to have done so. I read reviews and after a week of waiting to find out if I had won a competition to win a yoga wheel, I found out that I had lost, and celebrated by purchasing this bad boy. I ordered it immediately and it arrived the next day. Packaged well and they had included a helpful mini guide to get me started. It is incredibly strong and durable, measuring roughly 5 inches width and the height of 13 inches. According to the website, it is suitable for anyone over five feet tall and can support up to 500lb.

From day one, this tool has become a staple in my daily routine. After the first use, I felt a considerable and noticeable difference in releasing tension in my shoulders and spine. Plus, I felt far more comfortable in exploring my limitations, backbends, inversions and stretching my flexibility a little bit more. This wheel has acted as a guide when I have felt unsure within myself. It’s stopped limitations and instead opened up possibilities.

I have had the Ape Training Yoga Wheel for over six months now and I can honestly tell you that with out it my practice would not have progressed as far as it has. Not only has it given me an exceptional amount of support, it has genuinely helped with everything it said it would. I have managed to challenge myself and build a more wholesome fitness routine which has instilled more confidence within my daily practice.

Below is a video that I had recorded a little while ago with all intentions of posting but I got distracted with life. I will be recording a newer video soon and would like to talk about the different asanas and benefits of incorporating tools into my daily practice with a little more applicable information.

I would highly recommend the Ape Training Yoga Wheel for everyone from beginners to gurus, but especially for beginners. The benefits are infinite and you can truly enhance your practice with such a remarkable tool. It sets aside fear and helps bring balance and centres your focus. You will not be disappointed with this product. Just infinitely thankful. I would probably buy it just for the sole use of using it as a back massager. The feeling is close to that of a deep tissue massage. Heavenly!

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